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Summer 2017


Search Details

The NJBT hosts model searches periodically in order to attract new models to the team and to keep our website current.  Any lady over the age of 18 and local to NJ may enter. Aspiring models are welcome. Your level of commitment to the NJBT is entirely up to you. When the search has concluded you will have no restrictions or  obligations to the team unless you want to. You will become part of the NJBT network and you can float in and out of our social scene as you choose. Enter, win, and get paid - its that simple. Enter now. The search begins July 28th.


Search begins 7/28. Enter Now!

Search Dates.

AUG 5th Top 20 | AUG 11th Top 15 | AUG 12th Photoshoot 1 | AUG 17th Top 10 | AUG 25th Photoshoot 2 | AUG 26th Finalists | SEPT 9th Photoshoot 3 | SEPT 9th $1,000 Winner | SEPT 16th Team Party.

CASH Prizes.

Photoshoot 1 - Photos | Photoshoot 2 - Photos & $40 CASH | Photoshoot 3 - Photos & $100 CASH | Team Parties - $100+ CASH | 2nd Place Winner $300 CASH | 1st Place Winner $1,000 CASH | Bonus Events $50-$250 CASH.

How to win.

Models will be ranked by NJBT staff.  Rankings will be updated  twice each week. Lowest ranking will WIN. Rankings are based on a variety of factors, of which the top 3 are; image, interest, and personality. This search is NOT based on getting votes.

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    $1,000 Model Search

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